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Spirit Medicine

A panther shaman rescues the wounded wolf-shifter she has seen in her dreams.

Nidawi believes the only life that she and fellow shapeshifter Tawahona can have is in their dreams. Taw is determined to spend his life beside her, and but to do so he has to prove there is something more powerful than love bringing them together.

Only then can he convince Nidawi and their people to allow them their happiness.

This mystical novella straddles the lines between paranormal and fantasy, with romance as its driving force, written in a sensual, literary style.

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Romancing the Heart

Love, laughter, and a splash of adventure make this multi-author set sizzle for summer. From the streets of Chicago, to the Wild West and even a trip down the rabbit hole, it will leave you breathless and begging for more. A little of everything is just what the you need to fill your Kindle for the hot, hot summer.

His Wedding Date by Ari Thatcher: When he needs a date to his ex-wife’s brother’s wedding, Ash asks his sexy co-worker. Will she give him a chance to make something of their smoldering chemistry?

Cowgirl Fever by Dawn Brower: A journalist and a rancher become entangled in overpowering passion, and discover love flourishes when you least expect it.

The Last Hero by Hildie McQueen: A mega movie star meets a local bakery owner that has the potential to form a recipe of love…or disaster.

Less Than Three by Maggie Dallen Lacey finally has a shot at her dream job. Alex is in line to take over the family business. They can both have it all–if they can just keep their hands off each other.

The Art of Going Home by Nicole Sorrell: Maddie follows mysterious clues to her sister’s killer, uncovering a disturbing past. When the man she trusted deceives her, love is put to the test.

The Unraveling by Rebekah Lewis: Melody’s sister has gone mad. Cheshire cats, Jabberwocks, and the Red Queen are storybook characters… or are they? When the White Rabbit mistakes Melody for her sister and brings her to Wonderland, she has no choice but to embrace the fantasy world around her as she loses her heart to the Hatter.



Rescuing Lord Ravenscliffe

rescuing 400x600

A lady in need of adventure finds a lord who’s fighting for his life. Passion meets peril in Regency England.

Desperately bored, Lady Agnes Wentworth drags her sister Lady Matilda off to the wilds of Scotland. When she discovers a mysterious, cold, injured man, she believes her need has been met. But then she discovers a new kind of need—equally desperate, but much more dangerous.

Battling the distraction of the Lady Agnes’s tempestuous kisses, Ewan Hardie, Lord Ravenscliffe, must find a way to save his brother and defeat their scheming uncle. Only then can he take back what is rightfully his.