Regency Historical Romance

Masquerading as a Miss

Tossed upon a beach after a storm at sea, Colin Wentworth, Viscount Spalding, awakens next to a mysterious young lady on the sandy shore. She’s unable to tell him anything more than her name, Cassandra Franklin.
As Spalding strives to help her find her family, he loses his heart to her. His family objects—the heir to the earldom can’t marry a woman who could be illegitimate, for all anyone knows. Cassandra’s family secret is much worse than she fears, and she’s afraid to lose him by revealing the truth. Is Spalding’s love strong enough to face the truth?
Rescuing Lord Ravenscliffe

A lady in need of adventure finds a lord who's fighting for his life. Passion meets peril in Regency England.

Desperate for adventure, Lady Agnes Wentworth drags her sister Lady Matilda off to the wilds of Scotland. There she discovers a mysterious, cold, starving man, just the sort of thing to occupy her attention. He's handsome, kind, and as big as a bear, but her family warns her to have nothing to do with him.

Ewan, Lord Ravenscliffe, escaped his wicked uncle, and once he regains his strength, he'll return to save his brother. Only then can he take back what is rightfully his.