Loving Her Alphas

After a wolf attacks Rayne Adler near her grandfather’s lodge, she’s nursed back to health by three rugged, gorgeous brothers. Unaware they are wolf-shifters, Rayne finds herself fantasizing about all of them, each in a different way. But, she’s not at Shady Pines Lodge for romance, nor could she ever choose between them.

The Whitmore brothers, Caleb, Nick, and Dalton, are thrilled to finally have found their mate in spunky Rayne and will do everything they can to persuade her to stay and play!

Although Nick wants her all to himself, that’s not the way of the pack. If he wants her, he’ll have to share her with his brothers. At least, for now. With luck, he’ll manage to convince her that there’s more pleasure in being a one-wolf woman.

Bewitched Familiar

Possessed by a demon. Rescued by a sizzlingly hot vampire. And that’s just her first week in town.

Absinthe Penelope Crawford must move in to her great aunt’s home in order to receive her inheritance. What she doesn’t realize is the house comes with ghosts, demons, and a pair of vampire handymen.

Gower MacDiarmid has no idea what lies ahead for his soulmate when she first arrives, but he’ll risk his immortality to keep her safe. Without her, he is nothing.

Death by Sex

This is an expanded version of the previously published book with the same title.

One night. Two gorgeous groomsmen. Is she up to the challenge?

When her sister marries her ex-boyfriend, Joely Nelson is torn between which old friend to forget the past. Tucker Brennan fits the tall, dark, and he’s mine mold, and is the kind of guy you can cuddle with. Beck’s blond curls beg to be touched, as do his six-pack abs. Seeing them again makes her wonder why she’d never hooked up with either guy before. The trouble is, she can’t decide which she’d prefer.

But as the evening progresses, she sees the chance to answer the question of the night—Tucker or Beck?

On the other hand, who says she can have only one?

Warning: This book contains two sexy, seductive hunks and one very lucky woman engaging in enough passion to singe your senses! Best consumed with a cold cocktail and a hot partner.


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Destination Weddings

They say weddings are a great place to find love. Bree, Kenzi and Jasmine find that, along with some passionate nights, at other people’s weddings.

HIS WEDDING DATE: Ash needs a date to his ex-brother-in-law’s wedding and enlists his coworker for what turns into a weekend of passion.

THE ROCK STAR’S WEDDING: She runs into her old flame at a romantic tropical location. Too bad he’s there for his wedding.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE BEST MAN: Stuck in Ireland over the holidays, Jasmine finds her companion too tempting.


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The Rock Star’s Wedding

Kenzi’s vacation in St. Thomas becomes a lot more interesting when her high school sweetheart and rock star heartthrob Chaz turns up. If only he wasn’t there for his wedding…

Rumor has it the rock star is marrying his actress girlfriend. Yet when he sees Kenzi, it’s as if five years hasn’t passed.

Seeing Kenzi reminds Chaz how love ought to feel, which is nothing like he feels for his fiancée anymore. Since her well-publicized affair with her costar, he’s played the faithful lover giving her a second chance. Now he wishes for a way out, and the chance to get to know the grown-up version of the girl he once loved.


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His Wedding Date

A free weekend at a ski lodge, and all she has to do is attend a wedding and reception on the arm of her sexy coworker? Heck, yeah! Bree is all over it. She’s been crushing on him for some time, but even if he’s not interested in anything long term, she’ll get a long weekend in the snow.

Ash doesn’t mind attending his college buddy’s wedding at a ski lodge, except for the fact Greg’s sister is Ash’s ex-wife. All the things she’d said were wrong with him are still true, but the only one that bothers him is his inability to maintain a relationship. At least with Bree at his side, he can hold his head up around his friends. Too bad she’d never go for a guy like him…


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Christmas with the Best Man

The quirky, sexy continuation of the Destination Weddings series featuring Joey and Jasmine, who we first met in The Rock Star’s Wedding.

Christmas in Ireland…what could be more romantic?

The day after her best friend’s wedding in Ireland, Jasmine is still riding the romantic high. Then a polar vortex brings in the storm of the century and now she’s stuck in Ireland with the to-die-for best man, Joey. That slow sexy smile of his heats her up only to have his alternating hot and cold personality shatter her fantasies.

Locals say it could be a week before they can leave the island. A week alone Joey could handle. A week in a small room with this perky event planner would be hell. Yes, she’s beautiful—she might even be hot if she’d slow down long enough for a guy to get to know her, but it’s probably a good thing she doesn’t. A “one week stand” between the best friends of the bride and groom would make life unbearable down the road.


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Love Me Now

Lily’s big break finally arrives, but it involves trusting her metal and fiber art to the hands of Seth Ventura, the very man whose girlfriend almost destroyed Lily’s chance at a career doing what she loves. If trusting him with her work is hard, how can she dream of letting him near her heart?

Hot, wealthy and charming Seth Ventura holds the key to Lily Astor’s career as an artist, but he’s also the ex-boyfriend of the woman who was Lily’s downfall six years ago. Can she trust her artwork‑and her heart‑to this man who says he’s changed?

Seth hasn’t thought twice about the young artist whose artwork was thought to be plagiarized, but seeing her again makes him wonder how he’d ever overlooked her. He can’t get enough of her laughter now. He’ll give anything for a chance to earn her love.


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Love Me Forever

He said he’d call, but that’s probably the standard line after a vacation romance. Still, she’d thought they’d had something more. When the call never came, she packed away the memories of that amazing summer, and tried to forget about Matt Brashiers.

Rather than watch the ink dry on her divorce papers, Jennifer Pearson escapes to that Maui resort where she’d met her first love. When Matt walks out of the waves like a golden sun god she isn’t sure whether she should approach him or flee.

Matt thinks of Jen as the one who got away, and he’s not about to let it happen again. The connection between them is still palpable, but is it enough to rekindle what they had between them ten years ago? He’s got one week to prove to her he’s the man she needs to spend her life with.



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Book Bites 3

A festive feast for all lovers of Christmas romance. Have a taste of fifteen love stories in Book Bites 3 and discover a new favorite author. Travel from the US to Paris, Ireland, and England with stories of single moms, pilots, rock stars, and of course billionaires with an adorable sprinkle of children and puppies to give you that warm fuzzy feeling for the holidays.

Mona Risk – Christmas Papa
Helen Scott Taylor – Golden Christmas
Mimi Barbour – Please Keep Me
Rebecca York – Firelight Confessions
Joan Reeves – Nobody’s Cinderella
Patrice Wilton – Love Struck
Denise Devine – Merry Christmas, Darling
Ari Thatcher – Christmas with the Best Man
Traci Hall – Holiday By The Sea
Melinda Curtis – The Comeback Christmas
Alicia Street – His Christmas Promise
Stephanie Queen – Small Town Glamour Girl Christmas
Katy Walters – Lady Phillipa’s Peril
Sharon Hamilton – Heavenly Lover
Nancy Radke – Christmas on Cougar Mountain


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Immortal Temptress

Enya’s job is to escort the dying on their final journey, to make sure their souls get to heaven before a demon can steal their bodies. For centuries she has done this without emotion, until the body in question belongs to Kane Sullivan. Not only does she desire his rock-hard body, she can’t bear the thought of him dying. But she’s not supposed to become emotionally involved in a death.

Kane’s sudden run of near-fatal accidents always happen when Enya is present. She might be hot, but he’s not willing to die to get to know her. Then he discovers she’s fighting for his soul.

That damned immortal temptress might be the death of him.

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Renegade Wolf

When Stephanie shifts into wolf form for the first time on live TV, she flees to the one man who can protect her from were-hunters, Micah Salway. As attracted as she’d been to him four years ago when they’d met, she’d run scared at the changes he awakened in her after just one kiss. Was it possible he’d turned her into a werewolf?

Micah can hide Stephanie in the caves known as Devil’s Promenade, but the dangers there are worse than facing down the hunter. His choices are few when faced with keeping Stephanie alive: fight the hunter alone or kiss the asses of his former pack-mates and ask for help. His wolf had claimed her the night they met. There was no way he would lose her again.


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Honey I’m Home

The plan was perfect. Slinky black lace dress. Leg-slimming stilettos. Some toys to expand the boundaries of their normal routine. Her husband’s favorite meal. The only point Lisa missed was telling him ahead of time.

When Rick comes home with his boss in tow, Lisa has to scramble to make herself decent. Now if only Rick would wait for the boss to leave before trying out the toys. But he’s never been a patient man where sex is concerned…


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Theirs…for the night? For now? Forever?

Lori Meadows has been crushing on her two coworkers, Brad Collins and Marc Quinn, since she’d started working for the same company. She’d been burned in a work romance once in the past, though, and knew better than to even consider trying again.

Brad and Marc enjoyed sharing their women, and were in need of a new partner since their last relationship had ended. They each thought Lori would make the perfect sub, but how awkward would work be if she turned them down? Then a mysterious business card turns up with it, the way to test their idea.

A series of odd occurrences finds Lori trying out a BDSM club for the first time, matched with a mysterious man who the club had chosen for her. She hopes this isn’t the stupidest thing she’s ever done, but what she’d witnessed on the tour of the club had her dripping for more. She’d never know if she’d like it until she tried it, right?

WARNING: This scorching story contains extreme scenes of the kind you only imagine when you’re alone at night. Definitely not for the faint of heart! Proceed at your own risk.