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Meet Caleb

Eldest of the Whitmore brothers, he’ll sweet talk you right out of your clothes and into his bed. He’s laid-back but loving, and prefers to be outdoors, especially when he lets his wolf run free.

Find out more in Loving Her Alphas.

Loving Her Alphas


After a wolf attacks Rayne Adler near her grandfather’s lodge, she’s nursed back to health by three rugged, gorgeous brothers. Unaware they are wolf-shifters, Rayne finds herself fantasizing about all of them, each in a different way. But, she’s not at Shady Pines Lodge for romance, nor could she ever choose between them.

The Whitmore brothers, Caleb, Nick, and Dalton, are thrilled to finally have found their mate in spunky Rayne and will do everything they can to persuade her to stay and play!

Although Nick wants her all to himself, that’s not the way of the pack. If he wants her, he’ll have to share her with his brothers. At least, for now. With luck, he’ll manage to convince her that there’s more pleasure in being a one-wolf woman.


Bewitched Familiar

Possessed by a demon. Rescued by a sizzlingly hot vampire. And that’s just her first week in town.

Absinthe Penelope Crawford must move in to her great aunt’s home in order to receive her inheritance. What she doesn’t realize is the house comes with ghosts, demons, and a pair of vampire handymen.

Gower MacDiarmid has no idea what lies ahead for his soulmate when she first arrives, but he’ll risk his immortality to keep her safe. Without her, he is nothing.

Death by Sex

This is an expanded version of the previously published book with the same title.

One night. Two gorgeous groomsmen. Is she up to the challenge?

When her sister marries her ex-boyfriend, Joely Nelson is torn between which old friend to forget the past. Tucker Brennan fits the tall, dark, and he’s mine mold, and is the kind of guy you can cuddle with. Beck’s blond curls beg to be touched, as do his six-pack abs. Seeing them again makes her wonder why she’d never hooked up with either guy before. The trouble is, she can’t decide which she’d prefer.

But as the evening progresses, she sees the chance to answer the question of the night—Tucker or Beck?

On the other hand, who says she can have only one?

Warning: This book contains two sexy, seductive hunks and one very lucky woman engaging in enough passion to singe your senses! Best consumed with a cold cocktail and a hot partner.